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Exterior Door concept.jpg
Exterior Door concept.jpg

1:1 Mentorship

Art is hard! If you are feeling lost in your artistic journey our private mentorship can provide you with the tools required to reach the next level. 

How it works

Astonomy Tower.jpg

What will you learn?

Who will teach you?

As well as working for 8 years as a professional artist in the games and theme park industry, Sam has worked as a University lecturer teaching concept art. 

"I have never been a naturally gifted artist. I have worked hard to improve but have made many mistakes along the way. This has helped me teach because I understand the difficulties of learning and can provide effective methods to make the process easier."

Examples of topics that can be covered:

- Fundamentals of art such as perspective, anatomy, colour and values. 

- How to think like a designer

- Learning to recognise issues in your own work

- Working in and painting over 3D

- Specialised concept art techniques

- How to work on assignments

- Composition

- Lighting

- Storytelling

- How to learn/study

Who is this for?

This mentorship can cater for any skill level but is ideal if you already have some experience, but feel lost on how to improve. If you are interested in concept art or illustration, we are here to help. 

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